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    2013 - 12.16


    We are Deliverance, a coed a cappella group at Washington University in St. Louis. Our repertoire of music features Contemporary Christian, worship, and gospel arrangements of mainstream Christian music. Our group exists for the sole purpose of worshipping Christ, as we hope to resonate His glory with our voices.


    Deliverance was started in the fall of 2004 as the fruition of a vision for using a cappella as a witness for the Gospel. Although we are a young group, we hope that our music and our passion will serve to reveal God’s love to the Washington University campus and the a cappella community especially.


    Check out the Auditions tab to see how you could become a Deliveree, or click on the icon on the right to sign up!


    Giving Thanks Where It’s Due:

    Deliverance has many people to thank, for sure, both for helping us through the rough and uncertain patches at the beginning of our group’s existence and for continued support today. We owe deep gratitude to MIT’sCross Products, UPenn’s Full Measure, Northwestern’s Harmony in Spirit, and Stanford’s Testimony a cappella groups for music, advice, and prayers.


    And thanks be to God, who first planted the vision and guidance into our friend and sister Christine Wang (WU ’05), who made the sacrifices and efforts to lead us through it all in that first year, 2004-2005.


    None of this would have been possible without all of you. Thanks.

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